Thursday, March 20, 2003

ARGH! -- I accidentally deleted my blog

I've managed to re-create it; and fortunately I had the past three months archived -- substantial portions of which have been reposted. Please accept my apologies for any confusion this may have caused on the part of my readers.

As this blog was recently recognized by Gerard Serafin and several other notable Catholic bloggers, there's no time like the present to make an introduction. This blog will consist chiefly of notes and musings of a rather eclectic nature -- not necessarily my own and mostly culled from wiser folks than I.

Regarding the title, it was inspired in part by a passage by Cardinal Ratzinger on the role of the Christian:

. . . it is time that the Christian reacquire the consciousness of belonging to a minority and of often being in opposition to what is obvios, plausible, and natural for that mentality which the New Testament calls "the spirit of the world." It is time to find again the courage of nonconformism, the capacity to oppose many of the trends of the surrounding culture . . .

The Ratzinger Report, p. 37.

My hope is that you will find something here that is of benefit intellectually, and perhaps even spiritually. God bless.

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