Thursday, March 27, 2003

Catching up on some reading of Crisis Magazine's archives, I came across an article "Lost In Translation: How the New Mass Translation Will Affect You" by John Burger on the proposed changes in the document Liturgiam Authenticam (The Authentic Liturgy), a relatively new set of norms and principles for translating the liturgy into the vernacular, issued by the Holy See on March 28, 2001. According to the article:
The instruction aims to fix less-than-inspiring Mass translations by requiring that they be more faithful to the Latin text promulgated by Rome. . . . Depending on how the bishops' conferences of the United States implement Liturgiam Authenticam, Catholics may be hearing some radical changes at Mass-changes that could wake up a Church."

Given that we're approaching the two year anniversary of the publication of this document, does anybody have a clue as to when, how soon, or even if such norms will be implemented by parishes in the United States?

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