Friday, April 11, 2003

Ok, this may be old news to some but it's certainly new to me -- and thanks to Peter Vere at Envoy for bringing this to my attention:

James Likoudis of Catholics United for the Faith published a blistering review of the recent 'radtrad' polemic The Great Facade: Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church, by Christopher A. Ferrara and Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (Remnant Press, 2002).

Dr. Thomas Woods responded to Likoudis with "Eight Challenges to James Likoudis [and other Neo-Catholics], possessing the same caustic tone and calumnious intent as the book itself.

Now, John Pacheco, editor of Catholic Legate (Canada's most popular website of Catholic apologetics), has come to the defense of Jim Likoudis against Mr. Woods with "Eight Answers to Thomas Woods [and other neo-traditionalists]" followed by eight challenges of his own, including one which I especially enjoyed:

The Ignatian principal of charitable interpretation binds Catholics to assign a postive and charitable understanding to another Catholic's statements. How is this principle active in your camp's attitude and disposition towards the Vatican in general and the Holy Father in particular?

Having never encountered The Catholic Legate before, I was amused to find the design of the website reminiscent of Catholic Apologetics International's "old look" -- that is to say, prior to CAI's downward spiral last year into the toxic mire of pope-bashing and Zionist conspiracy theorizing.

Congratulations to John Pacheco and company for "defending the Catholic faith as understood by the perennial Magisterium of the Catholic Church."

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