Wednesday, July 9, 2003

"Summer Break"

I will still post on occasion, but overall blogging on Against the Grain will be somewhat diminished for the rest of this summer.

Much as I enjoy blogging (and reading other blogs), I've been spending too much time lately in front of the screen -- an all-too-easy habit to fall into, given the nature of my profession (web designer). Consequentially, I've been neglecting some of my other duties and favorite pasttimes.

I also realized that there are several books on the shelf I've been intending to read that I will never actually finish unless I pull myself away from the computer. Among those on my 'summer reading list':

Not to mention accumulating issues of The Chesterton Review, First Things, and selected documents of Vatican II. Being a post-Vatican II convert, I'm also interested in reading a general history of such. I've been looking for something a little more objective than the gushing optimism of Xavier Rynne, which I'm halfway through already -- but at the same time nothing quite so damning as some radtrad tirades I've encountered online. (Please recommend if you know one).

So, postings will be sparce and far between for the next few months. God bless, and may all of you have a restful and productive summer as well,


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