Saturday, August 9, 2003

Further notes on the Episcopalian debate

  • A post from a reader to the blog TitusOneNine (8/7/03) offers some food for thought and a reminder on the necessity for charitable speech:
    I am an orthodox Anglican and a celibate gay woman. I can't help but notice that the sense of betrayal and pain I have heard expressed by orthodox Anglicans this week is similar to the betrayal and pain I have experienced as a gay member of the church. I, like the 24-year-old woman you mention, have sobbed uncontrollably over the betrayal I experienced in two parishes that shut me out. . . .

    Although I do not agree with the confirmation of Bishop Robinson, I understand the pain and frustration behind the gay movement in the church. I wonder whether orthodox Anglican leaders understand it. I question that they do because I have not read any statements on the web acknowledging our pain and betrayal.

    I am not talking about same-sex blessings here or ordination of gay bishops. I am talking about entering a parish and discovering that I, as a homosexual, am NOT welcomed in the name of Christ. I am talking about news reporters who use words like "sodomite" and remain publicly unchallenged by orthodox leaders. Calling gay activists sodomites hurts me as well as the activists. We are all sinners, but some of us get a special, ugly label for our sins. Believe me, this will not help me form meaningful bonds with members of my current (and third) parish.

  • On a related note, I've received criticism of an earlier post which linked to this article, which in the context of the current debate of homosexual union casts the opposition in an unfair light (presenting the gay lifestyle as inevitably ridden with sexual promiscuity, when in fact the argument is for the blessing of "monogamous unions"). It is not something that I gave much consideration to when I initially posted, but I accept the critique and have edited my blog accordingly.

  • Finally, as an example of how to engage in a civil discussion of this provocative issue, I'd like to join Mark Shea & a great many others in recommending Maggie Gallagher's Blog.

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