Saturday, August 2, 2003

William Luse is back & blogging!

Exasperated by the technical difficulties of and hopping to and fro around blogdom in search of stability, William Luse's blog, Apologia, has finally come to rest at a permanent URL.
"While we were in the office, I noticed that sex sells. I'm not sure sex actually sells anything but it gets people to look. If you drape a naked woman across a motorcycle, I lose interest in the cycle. There were lots of posters in the office of women and men in glasses. Most of the women had their arms languidly raised for no obvious reason (one was lifting her hair, as women will do). They wore summer dresses with fair cleavage. One girl's blouse was unbuttoned from sternum to belly button. She wore glasses, of course, but my concern was only with what was keeping that last button in place. . . .The boys - I mean young men - were, like the women, model pretty. And full-lipped and soft looking too, like they'd never driven a nail or wielded an axe. I guess a lot of women these days like that look. The soft, hairless look. They don't look like the kind of guys who sign up to fight the war on terror."

Mr. Luse is back in action, as charming and witty as ever (did I mention that this was one of my favorite blogs?)

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