Friday, October 31, 2003


Andrew Sullivan accuses Mark Shea and Amy Welborn of being "Ratzingerites."

Mr. Sullivan neglected to define what exactly constitutes a "Ratzingerite." However, for the record: neither Mr. Shea nor Mrs. Welborn are registered members of the RFC's mailing list, although I would assume they have some admiration for the good Cardinal. Both are wonderful Catholic bloggers who I hold in high esteem.

Mrs. Welborn and Mr. Shea have responded to the charges, and a reader posts the following definition, which more than suffices:

Ratzingerite = Someone who follows Cardinal Ratzinger.
Cardinal Ratzinger = Someone who follows John Paul II and the teaching of the Church.
JPII and the Magisterium = follows the Holy Spirit, God.
Therefore, a Ratzingerite is just any faithful Catholic, no?

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