Saturday, November 15, 2003

Wheaton College Lifts 143-Year Old Ban on Dancing

Gen Ex Revert reports that Wheaton College has lifted their 143-year ban on dancing. Highly amusing. When I was a college student our two-professor philosophy department and a few of us would take a road trip to Wheaton for their annual philosophy conference. Wheaton's "no drinking, no smoking, no dancing" ban was legendary, and sufficient excuse to take the train to nearby Chicago. But I do recall attending a Halloween dorm party once. They had a band that did covers of Metallica, and even a mosh pit -- which I presume was ok, since it didn't exactly "qualify" as dancing.

Billy Graham is an alumni of Wheaton. So is House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and horror film director Wes Craven (of Nightmare on Elm Street series).

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