Thursday, December 25, 2003

Return of the King - A Great Movie for Christmas

Stephen Riddle ("Flos Carmeli") on Return of the King:
The bottom line--the film made me think of God, thank God, and praise God. Who cares whether that was Jackson's intention or not. There are times when the artist's intention is entirely secondary to the actual effect. There was beauty, nobility, and passion in the film and for me the experience was transcendent.

Much has been made of the director and casts' lack of appreciation for the Christian themes of the movie, but, with Stephen, I must say this was the case for me as well.

One of the most stirring moments for me was when, in the celebration and crowning of Aragorn at Minas Tirith, all the great nobility and warriors of the human, elvish, and dwarvish races kneeled in honor before four little hobbits from the Shire. A recognition that out of very small and humble beginnings, and that which appears least significant to us, very great things can be accomplished. Who would have imagined that a little hobbit would have been so instrumental in the defeat of Sauron and the salvation of Middle Earth? -- There is a definite theme of Christianity, and of Christmas, to that moment, that I think might be recognized and appreciated by even a secular audience.

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