Saturday, January 24, 2004

New blog!

Dr. Philip Blosser is Professor of Philosophy and Associate of the Center for Theology at Lenoir-Rhyne College in North Carolina. He is also a member of the Ratzinger Fan Club, occasional poster to the mailing list. A few of you might recognize two of his articles which have circulated the web: The Kasper-Ratzinger Debate and the State of the Church (New Oxford Review April 2002) and War and the Eclipse of Moral Reasoning.

Specializing in phenemonology, he wrote his dissertation on the ethical thought of Max Scheler -- the same topic of Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) -- and contributed the entry on the ethics of Max Scheler for the Encyclopedia on Phenomenology.

Dr. Blosser is also my father, and today -- after some tinkering with his website -- I'm pleased to announce his dual-venture into the world of Catholic blogging, with Musings of a Pertinacious Papist and Scripture and Catholic Tradition.

Let's make him feel welcome! =)

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