Sunday, February 8, 2004

Sign Of The Times

A Foot In The Bosporus ponders the peculiar popularity of Bishop Spong(e):
Both his writing and his ideas are exemplary of perhaps the most dire trend of the age:  the mediocrity of our heretics.  Survey the field of false teachers, and you’ll not find a great-hearted heretic among ‘em.  Where is our Pelagius?  Where is the new Arius?  One had to fight them, and that fight was not easy.  It took the best minds in the Church to defeat them.  Whatever weaknesses of character these arch-heretics may or may not have had, intellectual inanity was not one of them.

To which Karl Thienes comments:

"We don't need the likes of Arius or Nestorius; men who could truly think. The evil one only expends enough energy raising up new heretics to match the intellectual and spiritual vigor of the sheep."

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