Sunday, March 14, 2004

Around the Blogosphere . . .

  • Gerard Serafin takes issue with Frederica Mathewes-Green over her criticism of The Passion and the superiority of Orthodox theology over the "Western" view of redemption -- here, here. A perusal of Gerard's excellent website -- -- reveals a Catholic who demonstrates the possibility of "drinking from both wells," and appreciating elements of Eastern Orthodox tradition as well as his own. Perhaps Frederica might benefit from his example?

  • Science fiction author Orson Scott Card offers a three-part review of The Passion -- "as a film critic, as a believer, and as an American." He has much to say, on the Catholic and Mormon depicions of Christ's Passion; on the graphic violence of the film itself; on allegations of anti-semiticism and the hypocrisy of the left, closing with some personal advice of his own to Mel on what to do with his profits from the film.

    Next to Ray Bradbury, Orson Scott Card, by the way, is one of my favorite (predominantly) science fiction writers. He is also a devout Mormon and outspoken conservative, who for some unfathomable reason still refers to himself as a Democrat. I was delighted to discover that he has a regular weekly column for The Ornery American.

  • Fr. Benedict Groeschel is making a good recovery from his accident (Praise God!), as indicated by the fact that he's now writing his own messages to us:
    I want to share with you two principles upon which I have built my life. The first is from Saint Augustine: 'God does not cause evil, but that evil should not become the worst'. Second: 'There are no accidents. Evil things occur because of bad will or stupidity or fatigue, yet whatever the cause God will bring good out of it if we let Him'. [read more]
  • One of those killed in the recent attack on civilians in Iraq by terrorists posing as Iraqi policemen was Robert Zangas, described in this article as a man who "believed so deeply in helping to rebuild Iraq that he returned as a civilian after a nine-month tour of duty in the Marine Corps. He was also a good friend of fellow blogger Eric Johnson, who writes about him here. Please pray for his soul, and for his wife and three children whom he leaves behind.

    UPDATE: Robert Zangas was also a blogger -- from Instapundit.

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