Monday, March 1, 2004

Overwhelming Response . . .

Greetings Protocols readers, and thanks for the link from such a hip blog. Boosted my hits enough to make me feel like Mark Shea for a day as well . . . gotta watch the ol' ego. ;-) I must say that I got a good chuckle at Pinchas' sarcastic post this morning:
Passion Grosses More than $117,538,000 in Opening Days

Boy, we really showed Gibson. I bet he is really sorry he locked horns with Abe Foxman. Never again will anyone cross paths with the Jewish people. Our strength is simply daunting.

Very pleased as well to see a good Catholic film like Return of the King sweep the oscars, and receive the recognition and appreciation it rightfully deserves. Well done, Peter Jackson and company. After nearly a decade of work on this trilogy, y'all deserve it.

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