Sunday, April 25, 2004

Prayer Request for an Anglican

Prayer requests from the author of Pontifications, an Anglican blog, and his twenty-one year old son, on account of:
Early last week he called my wife and I and informed us that he had decided to become a Roman Catholic. Today he will be confirmed and will make his first communion as a Catholic. And from that point you, he will no longer be able to receive communion from the hands of his father.

My eyes filled with tears of grief upon hearing this news. Over a year and a half ago I had to counsel him to explore other Christian traditions. There is no future for you and your future family in the Episcopal Church, I told him. He heeded my advice and began to explore and read and pray. He is a serious Christian young man. And so today he begins a new chapter in his walk with our Lord.

Pray that the Spirit will come upon him and fill him and anoint him to do the Lord’s work and ministry, whatever that might be. Thank you.

Last week the author raised a furor by publicly musing on "whether The Reformation was a blunder?" -- the post and ensuing commmentary revealing the troubled hearts of many "Anglo-Catholics" as they deal with what is happening in their church.

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