Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jamie Blosser joins Catholic Kerry Watch

Jamie Blosser -- (one of) my younger brothers -- has joined Catholic Kerry Watch, at my invitation. I've enjoyed watching him come into his own at Ad Limina Apostolorum, and invited him to bring his theological acumen to the team. He began with some reflections on the birthday of St. Thomas More (comparing his view of morality and conscience to that of the Democrat frontrunner from Massachussets), and has recently posted his ongoing reflections on the USCCB's "Catholics in Political Life.

Speaking of which, Catholic Kerry Watch was mentioned today by's Charlotte Hays, along with Fr. Jim Tucker's "Dappled Things".

Ms. Hays's reference to CKW as "highly political" marks the second favorable mention by a blog outside of the "St. Blog's Parish" community, the first being Christianity Today back in April. Our influence is growing. . . . any minute now I'm expecting a call from PBS, requesting that Oswald Sobrino or Earl E. Appleby replace Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J., as their new 'talking head' on Catholic affairs. ;-)

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