Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal McCarrick - "in harmony" or still at odds?

Barbara Kralis recently scored an interview with Bishop Vasa of Baker, Oregon. Apparently the fact that Cardinal Ratzinger had addressed a memorandum to Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Wilton Gregory outlining general principles on reception of communion was, apparently, news to him.

Furthermore, contrary to Cardinal McCarrick's claim that he and Cardinal Ratzinger are "in harmony", Bishop Vasa's account of the events place McCarrick's actions in a questionable light:

. . . The Vatican memo was written in English expressly for the USCCB as a guideline of the Church's teachings to be used at their closed-door plenary conference in Denver, CO, June 14-19, 2004. Cardinal Ratzinger, in his memo "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion—General Principles" said without ambiguity:
The minister of Holy Communion must refuse to distribute it [when warning and counsel given to the manifest sinner] have not had their effect.
Cardinal McCarrick, chair of the Task Force committee, apparently withheld the memorandum from the USCCB, and even perhaps from the Task Force committee.

Were all of the bishops informed of Cardinal Ratzinger's clear supportive directive citing why the bishops must deny manifest, obstinate, persistent persons in grave sin? Bishop Vasa replied that the June memorandum from Cardinal Ratzinger was not given to the Conference of Bishops in Denver.

As I recall, Cardinal McCarrick made reference to some letter, but I did not see a copy of the letter at the meeting. I don't know if the committee writing the statement entitled Catholics in Political Life was given a copy of the letter.
Bishop Vasa was not sure when the memorandum was delivered to Cardinal McCarrick and Bishop Gregory. It is well known that Cardinal McCarrick presented to the Conference his Interim Report, which instead warned against denying anyone the Eucharist.

Thanks to Earl E. Appleby and Catholic Kerry Watch for the link.

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