Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here and There . . .

  • Fellow blogger Gerard Serafin says goodbye to a companion of 17 years, his pekinese Onion, and offers as a way of tribute a page on "Baron von Hugel and his beloved dogs". Keep him in your prayers.

  • Iraqi bloggers (and brothers) Ali and Mohammed Fadhil ("Iraq The Model") are running for the Iraqi National Assembly in the upcoming elections!

  • Nathan (from "Spiritus et Sponsa" -- formerly "The Tower") posts his reflections after maintaining a 9 day "blog silence"; this courageous post is especially worth reading.

  • Pontifications is engaged in "sola scriptura deprogramming":

    Orthodox Episcopalians are faced with a fundamental choice. We can either continue as Protestants, either creating a new Anglican denomination, joining AMiA or one of the continuing Anglican bodies, or perhaps drifting into some other Protestant denomination; or we can radically reconsider our sola scriptura convictions and enter into communion with one of the two ancient communions of the Church. What we do not have the option of doing is trying to recreate a catholic Anglicanism. History has already passed judgment on that experiment.

  • Dr. Blosser ("Philosophia Perennis") explains why Why modern & post-modern philosophers disappoint:

    "I do think that, with the exception of a few great philosophers (particularly ancient and medieval), most of Western philosophy has been a tapestry of errors and distortions, woven together with strands of overweening presumption."

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