Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Bishop Carlson on "Faith & Politics"

Chris Burgwald from "Veritas" is Director of Adult Faith Formation in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, and one of our programs is Theology on Tap. Last Friday, he invited his bishop, Bishop Robert Carlson, to speak on "Faith and Politics". Bishop Carlson spoke for about 40 minutes, and then answered some questions for another 15 minutes or so. Bishop Carlson made the Episcopal Spine Alert back in July with an excellent article instructing his diocese on the gospel of life.

According to Chris, Bishop Carlson's presentation is available via streaming audio at the Diocesan website, -- you can listen to bishop Carlson here. (He has also mentioned that they have begun taping the Theology on Tap presentations and making them available for check-out on DVD and VHS).

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