Monday, September 13, 2004

Here and there . . .

  • Mark Windsor "would like to introduce you to Beethoven . . ." (a Catholic appreciation).

  • Mark & Louise Zwick of Houston Catholic Worker review Mel Gibson's The Passion: "The Jesus in The Passion certainly is more true to the Gospels than the Jesus as a playground supervisor that has emerged in catechetics since Vatican II." (Tip of the hat to Insight Scoop).

  • Even the Daughters of St. Paul have a blog! Check out their vocations page: "God is calling".

  • Stratford Caldecott has written an intimidatingly long, intellectually-challenging but ultimately rewarding article -- I confess that I am still making my way through it -- in proposing "The Secret Path: A Catholic Response to the New Age", based on a paper given at Marquette University in February 2001 at a conference called "The Center That Holds: The Church as Seat of Wisdom". (Thanks: Kevin Jones).

  • For the philosophically inclined, my father, Dr. Blosser, is engaged in a fascinating conversation on postmodernism with a fellow member of the faculty. (Here's round II).

  • Jamie of Ad Limina Apostolorum:

    "Too many discussions of the mass today revolve around a 'my mass is better than your mass' sort of attitude, which do nothing but promote division and inferiority complexes all 'round. While we needn't relapse into a liturgical latitudinarianism and pronounce all elements of all liturgies inherently equal, it also bears keeping in mind that a certain rite which drives you crazy might be the rite which gives the lady sitting next to you ecstatic transports of celestial glory."

  • Finally, a eulogy for a good feline friend of our family who passed away this past Thursday. Big Dawg, R.I.P.

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