Saturday, October 30, 2004

Watch Stolen Honor (online, at no cost).

The entire film "Stolen Honor" about Senator Kerry's betrayal of United States P.O.W.'s in Vietnam, together with the mini-documentaries by the Swift Boat Veterans who served with Senator Kerry, can be downloaded and seen for free.

You can read about the background behind the film Stolen Honor here. Stolen Honor features interviews with 17 Vietnam POWs, whose time in prison amounted to 109 years and three months. 

It's not likely you will have the opportunity to see them share their experiences and perspective on John Kerry on any of the mainstream media stations, so watch it while you can, and preferably before the election -- for as much as Senator Kerry is making his military service a plank of his campaign and claiming the support of veterans across the nation, these men deserve a chance to be heard as well.

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