Monday, December 27, 2004

Here and There . . .

  • Read the Bible in a year? A schedule [.pdf format] "follows the Liturgical Church year (beginning with December, that is,Advent) and attempts to follow the liturgical seasons in general; using natural breaks in the text, rather than chapter breaks; spacing Psalms and Proverbs throughout the entire year; calls for reading the Gospels twice a year (approximately half a chaptera day), and includes all 73 books in the original Bible." Via Fructus Ventris

  • "The true test for any Catholic blogger will come when they discover in the Particular Judgment that the blog added to or deducted from their time in Purgatory." - Patrick Sweeney (Extreme Catholic)

  • The Pontificator reflects on the meaning of the common inquiry: "Brother, Are you Saved?"

  • Bill Cork challenges the "willful ignorance" of The Revealer.

  • Training for Eternity, a blog by a military chaplain who was present at the recent terrorist attack at the Army camp in Mosul. Attending to the dying in their last moments is one of the hardest duties I can imagine any pastor could have, and Chaplain Lewis' faith is admirable to behold. (Thanks Indepundit).

    My brother Jamie (Ad Limina Apostolorum") with a scholarly discussion of "Augustine on the Goodness of the Corporeal Realm."

  • Dave Morrison (Sed Contra) blogs about Bishop Loverde's recent attendance of their Courage meeting.

  • "Get behind me, Grinch!" -- Earl E. Appleby (Times Against Humanity) rounds up stories from secular society's 'War on Christmas'.

  • Father Dowd ("Waiting in Joyful Hope") is doing a series of posts in connection with his parish' study of Sacrosanctum Concilium. Here is Part I, on what is liturgy and 'The Liturgical Movement'?; and Part II: "Why did Vatican II change the liturgy?"

  • A hearty welcome (back) to Karen Marie Knapp (From The Anchor Hold), just in time for Christmas!

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