Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Lidless Eye Inquisition "Exposes the Quicksand at Palm Beach"

In April 2004 the Seattle Catholic reprinted "Catholic Confusion at the Very Top: Overcoming My Resistance to Face the Facts", by David Palm. Originally published by the New Oxford Review, Palm's article presented a series of charges against the Holy Father familiar to anybody who has perused The Remnant or other traditionalist websites: taking a stance on the death penalty counter to Catholic tradition; joining von Balthasar and Fr. Richard J. Neuhaus in perpetuating a "creeping universalism" by allegedly questioning the teaching on damnation; permitting gross disobedience by refusing to exercise discipline; contributing to an "indifferentist" model of ecumenism which denies the need to return to "the one true Church"; giving "honor to heretics" by appearing in public with Lutheran and Anglican bishops; "praying with pagans" at Assisi; encouraging liturgical abuse by permitting female altar-servers and "inculturated" masses at his public appearances.

Now, in "Exposing the Quicksand at Palm Beach," Greg of The Lidless Eye Inquisition exposes and challenges the "gross misrepresentation regularly employed by those who have made a cottage industry out of promoting a view of the Church as a pre. vs. post Vatican II dichotomy." Part I; Part II.

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