Sunday, December 5, 2004

Pontifications on Marian devotion

"For almost a century Anglicans have been singing the great hymn composed by Athelstan Riley, "Oh Higher than the Cherubim, More Glorious than the Seraphim" . . . its Mariological content remains invisible to the average Episcopalian."

Just in time for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception, Pontifications examines the lack of Marian devotion in Protestant ecclesial communities, which, concurring with Karl Rhaner, he sees as a glaring theological flaw:

I am beginning to suspect that no matter how “orthodox” we Protestants think we are in our doctrine of the Incarnation, we in fact are not. We have not faithfully appropriated the orthodox doctrine, because we have deleted Mary from the Church’s life of worship and prayer. This deletion of Mary is both evidence of our deficiency in our understanding of the Incarnation and a cause of this deficiency. Something is very wrong when our teaching of Christ does not generate the kind of hymnody, veneration, and devotion that is common in Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

While you're perusing his blog, check out the Pontificator's dramatization of Bishop Spong's prophetic encounter with God.

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