Saturday, January 1, 2005

Ashli takes on George Carlin

A blogger named Ashli takes on "comedian" George Carlin -- here's Round 1:

From the beginning of our friendship she never left me and I never left her, and we both came out smiling. That is feminism. Crying at 3 A.M. because another woman held your hand all the way into the abortion clinic is not.

I've got news for George Carlin: if a problem is big enough to "warrant" abortion, it will never be solved by abortion, and women deserve better than the added insult.

And check out Round 2 for more of the same (Go Ashli!).

Read Ashli's smackdown to Carlin, and then be sure to read this story of a child she saved.

There is no more hard hitting and persuasive criticism of abortion than that coming from the unfortunate woman (and, at one time, adamant pro-choicer) who now writes about the devastating consequences of her choice. When I read bloggers like After Abortion and The S.I.C.L.E. Cell, I can only marvel at their courage and honesty -- may their testimony enncourage others to do the same, and win the hearts and minds of young mothers contemplating such a dreadful "choice."

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