Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blogging may be light . . .

While I agree with the hilarious IowaHawk that one shouldn't invest too much weight in announcing a respite from blogging ("Telling us "blogging will be light" is sort of like calling up the neighbors to announce you won't be nude sunbathing in the back yard for a while . . ."), blogging may nevertheless "be light" in the coming week(s).

Together with some major projects at work that are keeping me occupied, I've also got some books I've been trying to finish, and a few others I'd really like to start on this year.

I will definitely be posting to this and my other blogs on occasion, including Catholics in the Public Square (featuring regular reporting on politics and key figures in Catholic public life by Earl E. Appleby, Jeff Miller, David Schrader, Oswald Sobrino). But should a week pass without any kind of blogging activity, there is no cause for concern.

In the meantime, feel free to explore my blogroll, and check out a new blog by an old friend of the Blosser family: Sapor Sapientiae, by Kirk Kanzelberger, and his first post: "Smart people and believing in God".

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