Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Reflections on the 55th Presidential Inauguration - A Roundup

  • Just the Right Amount of God, Weekly Standard, Vol. 10, No. 19. Jodie Bottum thinks "George Bush delivered the most philosophical inaugural address ever" -- a refreshing dose of Catholic natural law philosophy countering "a triumphant emotive liberalism, on the one side, and a defensive emotive Evangelicalism, on the other." (Agree? Disagree? -- Join in the discussion at Open Book).

  • Michael Novak talks about Bush's Bid for Greatness" in an interview with the Slovakian publication Tyzden (January 21, 2005):

    "With his second inaugural address, President Bush made certain that his name will be identified with every movement of liberty and democracy around the world for the rest of this century. . . . then 50 years from now men will look back and say that the man who first inspired that new turn in history was George W. Bush. His speech seemed very largely in tune with Natan Sharansky’s new book on democracy as the only real defense against terrorism. It is a noble vision for one nation to embrace — and all nations to embrace."

  • "Noumenal Conservatives". "Someguy" from the blog Mystery Achievement responds to various critics of Bush's inaugeration address (". . . fascinating examples of what happens when thoughtful people with theoretically sound ideas keep those ideas in a realm that is hermetically sealed off from recent history").

  • God-Talk in Presidential inaugural addresses, a historical compilation by ecumenical blogger Bill Cork.

  • Arthur Chrenkoff wishes he was there. Not the event itself, "Anti-Bush rallies. They sound like tons of fun."

  • And to end on a humorous note, check out Jib Jab's "Second Term", "poking fun at President Bush, conservatives, liberals, and just about anyone else vying for political power."

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