Friday, February 18, 2005

Help Save Terri Schiavo!

Get regular updates and find out how to help from Fr. Rob Johansen (Thrown Back) and Hyscience.

Paul Copeland, who heads, provides background information on Terri Schiavo in four convenient posts examining "The Case Against Terri Schiavo":

  1. Part I: Terry's Feeding Tube -- Noting that "in the media there has been a lot of talk about the gastronomy tube, perhaps influencing some folk to believe that intense medical care must be used to keep Terri alive," Paul explains exactly what a gastronomy tube is, and what is involved in taking care of Terri.
  2. Part II: Is Terri in a Persistent Vegetative State? -- Granting that "it is a good and fair question and needs to be looked at very carefully so that the general public, that's you and I, can make an informed opinion," Paul takes a look at the evidence.
  3. Part III: Terri's "Death Wish" -- Paul looks at the claims of Terri's husband that she "wanted to die"
  4. Part IV: Is Terri being "force-fed"?, Paul examines the claim by Michael Schiavo that Terri would not have desired to be kept alive under such circumstances, with some speculation as to why Michael "would say this approximately six years after being awarded significant malpractice damages for his wife's brain injury."

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