Monday, April 4, 2005

Fr. Richard J. Neuhaus & Michael Novak on John Paul II

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus is editor-in-chief of First Things, published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life, and the author of several books on Pope John Paul II, including Appointment in Rome: The Church in America Awakening -- chronicling the Synod for America held in Rome, 1997 -- to which he was a special delegate designated by the Pope -- and Doing Well & Doing Good: The Challenge to the Christian Capitalist, on the Papal encyclical Centesimus Annus.
"John Paul the Great" New York Post April 4, 2005.
The Cuban Revolutions First Things 83 (May 1998): 23-28. Notes and observations from Fr. Neuhaus' trip with Pope John Paul II's historic to Cuba, which was unfortunately shrounded by the media coverage of President Bill Clinton's sex scandal.
The Liberalism of John Paul II First Things 73 (May 1997): 16-21. On the liberalism (properly understood) of the Pope, as expressed in the encyclical Centesimus Annus.
John Paul II Plays "The Capital of the World". First Things 59 (January 1996).
The Gospel of Life. Review of Evangelium Vitae. Wall Street Journal April 3, 1995.
Michael Novak is the George F. Jewett scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
Farewell to a Great" National Review Online. April 12, 2005.
John Paul the Great. National Review April 8, 2005. Cover story in the April 25, 2005 issue.
The Embodied Self, First Things 130 (February 2003): 18-21. On Pope John Paul II's meditations on human sexuality presented during his general audiences.
A Pope and His Critics: What the young people are responding to and the elites don't get, by Michael Novak. National Review Online. July 26, 2002.
The Pope's Critics, by Michael Novak. National Post July 26, 2002.
Capitalism Rightly Understood: The View of Christian Humanism. Faith & Reason, April 1991. On the papal encyclical Centesimus Annus.

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