Saturday, June 18, 2005

Archbishop Levada.

(Via Carl Olson at Insight Scoop) -- An American assumes Benedict’s previous post in the Vatican, by John Mallon. Inside the Vatican . According to Mallon, "No one we talked to wanted to go on record [about Benedict's selection of Levada], but speculation all ran along similar lines":

Levada is certainly academically qualified for the post and is familiar with the workings of the Congregation, having worked there from 1976 to 1982 under both Cardinal Franjo Seper and then-Cardinal Ratzinger.

Some of the speculation goes that Benedict wants to retain strict oversight of his former office, and his past friendship with Levada will help him do that.

To some it is puzzling that an American would be chosen for such an important post, but perhaps that’s the logic of it. The United States is certainly a trouble spot when it comes to matters of doctrine. Many Americans, conditioned by American democracy, have difficulty accepting Church teaching when they (mistakenly) believe it will impinge on their personal liberties.

As an American, Levada may be just the man for understanding and communicating the issues to uncomprehending Americans and theology professors.

Further speculation: Why Levada? - post and commentary on Amy Welborn's blog, from the bitterly disappointed and the cynical to those who would simply trust in Benedict's decision and "wait and see what happens" with occasional insights into Levada's views on various theological topics.

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