Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Discussions on Catholicism, Liberalism and the American Experiment - A Roundup

As I've mentioned before, if you notice a dip in postings on "Against The Grain", do check 'Religion & Liberty' blog, where I've been pretty busy in connection with the website 'The Church and the Liberal Tradition' and a discussion of various topics loosely centered around the 'Whig-Thomist / Augustinian-Thomist' debate.

This past week, Chris Burgwald (Veritas) picks up on the conversation begun at David Jones' La Nouvelle Theologie with the first in a series of posts elaborating on the reasons for disagreement with Michael Novak (together with Fr. Neuhaus, George Weigel, and Fr. Sirico).

The first of Chris' posts is on the proposition: "The death of God for our times, for our culture, for us, is Liberalism", which I followed with:

  1. "On Liberalism": Discussion w. Chris Burgwald
  2. Religious Convictions and Public Discourse (Discussion w. Chris Burgwald)
  3. Making Sense of Schindler: Good Diagnosis: What about the Prescription?

Additional Posts in Recent Weeks

Last but not least, I wanted to convey a hearty welcome to "Democracy of the Dead", another collective who has been -- unbeknownst to us -- blogging for some time now on similar issues.

* * *

I'll likely be doing some updates and new posts to Against The Grain in the future -- just didn't want y'all to be mystified by my absence or the infrequency of posts.


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