Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Elsewhere . . .

Just a reminder that if I'm absent from Against The Grain, there is a likely chance that I'm blogging at
  • Religion & Liberty Part of our "Church and the Liberal Tradition" research venture with regular discussions on the dreaded neocon trio (Fr. Neuhaus, Michael Novak, George Weigel), the "Whig-Thomist" / "Augustinian Thomist" debate, the religious disposition of George Washington and our Founding Fathers, together with rancorous tirades in the combox. =)
  • Just War[?] blogging in connection with our ongoing investigation of "the War in Iraq and the Catholic Just War Tradition";
  • or our collective blogging venture Catholics in the Public Square, headed by David Schrader (Catholics for Bush) and Oswald Sobrino (Catholic Analysis).

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