Saturday, June 23, 2007

Q: What do do about Catholic junk mail?

Practical question, readers. I'm doing a fair bit of spring cleaning. I'm curious about what y'all to do with
  • Catholic solicitory ("junk") email -- as in, the dozens of letters one receives monthly from this or that Catholic ministry, religious order, monastery, convent, seminary, lobbying group, magazine, etc. in the interest of soliciting funds.

    Q: In addition to other avenues for charity (weekly collection at Mass; Bishop's annual appeal, et al.) one can only give so much. What do you typically do with such mail and if you respond at all, what is your rationale for discerning which plea to heed?

  • Catholic solicitary email containing religious medals or, more often, rosaries, etc. -- usually accompanied by the request for a donation in response to said gift. I'm not inclined to throw rosaries away (or any other religious artifact of that nature). I have thought about giving them away but am not sure what kind of impression that would have. Most Catholics I know already have rosaries of their own, and presumably are recipients of such "gifts" and solicitations as well. I have 2-3 rosaries of personal value; I really don't need twenty more.

    Q: If you find yourself inunduated with an abundance of such items, what do you do with them?

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