Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here and There . . .

I've got some errands to attend to, books to read, websites to update, so expect sporadic blogging in the future. Those who are in the mood for some combox chatter (and provocation) may want to check out:
  • "Religion: A Test of Faith" - Amy Welborn (Open Book) responds to LA Times Religion reporter William Lobdell's column on his loss of faith:
    [Lobdell's] justifiable anguish and shock (and God help us when we are not anguished and shocked by these things) could be shared by any Christian during any era, any place. Christianity has never been pure in the human sense, always been a difficult, challenging mix of mostly sinners and a few saints. . . . The whole thing is pretty much a mess. And always has been.
  • More on Catholic Social Teaching and the "Living Wage", by DarwinCatholic. July 16, 2007:
    Some years back I was discussing politics with a senior co-worker, someone who lived in an million-dollar home in the Santa Monica Mountains, and hired a yard guy, a pool guy, a maid, etc. to keep it up for him.

    "This 'trickle down economics' thing is idiotic," he announced. "Why do they think that giving the rich more money will help anyone other than the rich?"

    "So if you and your wife both lost your jobs," I asked, "would you keep the yard guy and the maid, or would you start to mow your own lawn and vacuum your own house?"

  • The phony "Catholic Right" and "Catholic Left", by Michael Joseph. Vox Nova July 23, 2007. Pope Benedict XV said it first ;-)
    There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: it is quite enough for each one to proclaim "Christian is my name and Catholic my surname," only let him endeavour to be in reality what he calls himself.
  • Tortured Logic, by Daniel Nichols. Caelum Terra:
    Contrary to what some conservatives say it is this--let's call it faith in reason--and not the love of liberty or the rejection of oligarchy and oppression which is the fundamental error of the French Revolution and the Age of Reason.

    I do not mean by this that unassisted reason cannot come to certain truths, only that it is highly prone to error, and that certain other truths are unattainable by reason alone. Unaided reason quickly becomes tortured logic.

    I first became aware of the insufficiency of reason alone in the moral sphere when thinking about euthanasia. . . .

  • On the Morality of Using Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Use of Atomic Bombs in General Outline for a Possible Dialogue in August of 2007, by I. Shawn McElhinney. Rerum Novarum July 22, 2007. Shawn lays the groundrules for a proposed debate on the moral use of nuclear weapons in World War II and asserts: "I have practically no confidence whatsoever that any Catholic will be able to meet the criteria as noted above."

  • Question of the day:
    Yes, it is easy to say that a formation of geese in the skyline declares the order of the Creator. But what does the bulge of a struggling pig in the mid-section of a python tell us about the Designer of that order?
    Discuss over at Treaders (for readers of Touchstone magazine).

  • Fr. Philip Powell, OP asks: Are YOU a member of the Dissenting Cadre? Take the quiz and see!:
    After a hard night hitting the “Spirit of Vatican Two Peace Bong,” you dream that twelve nine-year boys in black cassocks and white surplices are chasing you around a Baroque monstrance with their Latin breviaries. Inside the monstrance, the consecrated host is yelling, “Git ‘em, boys! Git ‘em!” . . .

    You never cross yourself b/c it perpetuates the idea that God needed a bloody sacrifice to assuage his anger. . . .

    You successfully forced your parish to sell its historic organ and use the money to buy a Casio electronic keyboard, a life-time subscription to America, and a stained glass window of Jesus portrayed as Che Guerra. . . .

. . . and some new sites:

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