Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Political Reading . . .

Just to alert my reader that if I'm not posting here, there's a good chance that I'm posting to our collective blog: Catholics in the Public Square, featuring contributions from Jay Anderson (Pro Ecclesia), Oswald Sobrino (Catholic Analysis), Jeff Miller (Curt Jester) and David Schrader (Catholics for Bush) -- together with my own meager contributions:

One of my daily haunts is Vox Nova: Catholic Perspectives on Culture, Society and Politics -- a blogging collective of "diverse social outlooks, traversing a wide range of demographics and political sympathies," striving to be "free, to the furthest extent possible, from partisanship, nationalism and demagoguery, all of which banish intellectual honesty from rational discourse."

Whether or not they actually succeed in this endeavor is of course part of the appeal, along with thought-provoking (and sometimes infuriating) discussions in the combox.

I also check in occasionally with:

  •'s "Inside Politics" has a daily offering from diverse Catholic perspectives. Their page "Catholic Advocate" keeps track of Catholic elected officials: "Are they voting in line with their faith, or exploiting their Catholicism for political advantage?" Let the legislation do the talking.
  • "Political News and Community"
  • Worldwide Standard, blog of the Weekly Standard
  • The Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web Today", edited by James Taranto provides a good snapshot of daily political chatter. Usually updated every evening.

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