Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Things' First Thoughts

Recent visitors to First Things -- the much-loved (or reviled) mouthpiece for the grand ecumeniCatholicneoconservativetheoconspiracy -- will notice that it has received an impressive virtual makeover.

In addition to their aesthetic revisions, they've added a number of new and respectable blogs/bloggers: The Anchoress, Daniel Goldman (aka "Spengler"), Secondhand Smoke ("Your 24/7 Seminar in Bioethics and Being Human"); Postmodern Conservative and Icons and Curiosities ("A shopping blog with Sally Thomas and Jody Bottum").

I'm also pleased to announce that I have the privilege of contributing to the (relatively) new First Things' blog, "First Thoughts". Those accustomed to my long-winded soliloquies and roundups can expect a more "conversational" feel, -- as I will be engaging fellow Catholics Stephen Dillard, Jay Anderson and Paul Zummo and a host of others.

(Here's hoping I'll have something worthy to say).

P.S. I will still be making my occasional rounds at the usual haunts: The American Catholic; Catholic Friends of Israel; Catholics In the Public Square and The Benedict Blog. So stay tuned to those, as (insofar as is possible), the content will be exclusive to each.

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