Monday, August 3, 2009

Pondering America's Health Care Debate

DarwinCatholic notes that Canada is immersed in its own health care debate and investigates the alleged "excessivep profits" made by health insurance companies, John Henry wonders what about the other 10 million and Donald R. McClarey conducts a pre-mortem analysis of "Obamacare".

Update: Theresa Polk sums it up: Limited Health Care for the Poor; Unlimited Abortions for All?:

The more I know about the health care bill now before the U.S. Congress, the more disgusted I become. Our Congress have before it a chance to meet the needs of many Americans who are greatly in need of health care, who do not qualify for existing Medicaid coverage, or who cannot find quality physicians still willing to accept it. Instead of correcting the deficiency in providing basic healthcare for those who do not have insurance, the plan under consideration increasingly sounds like it offers health care that is very limited in its provision for the poor and the elderly who are sick, and that is unlimited in its provision of elective abortion for all.

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