Saturday, November 28, 2009

Self-Indulgent Scott Hahn Rage-Fest!!!

Arturo Vasquez is seething, SEETHING! -- the author positively enraged over "paying $10, being told to park in an unconvenient/borderline unsafe location, and sitting in bleachers all to be in the wonderful presence of Scott Hahn and sit through a 'Catholicism is Scriptural, now let’s all cheer ourselves' pep rally."

As a commentator pointed out:

I wouldn’t expect Hahn to lecture on the nuances of Aristotelian metaphysics re. Transubstantiation, to what is essentially a lay audience. You really need to relax, this type of even was not meant for people like you. Why you went there to begin with is beyond me. He has much more serious "events" like the “Letter & Spirit Summer Institute."

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