Saturday, May 8, 2010

St. Francis of Assisi Church, New York City

Over at First Things, Sam Petulla offers a Sermon review of St. Francis of Assisi Church (New York City).

The commentators are merciless in their criticism of the sermon (well, yes, what can one expect from the Franciscans but a particular emphasis on social justice?) -- but I have to say, reading this got me all nostalgic.

When I first moved to NYC I lived in a small apt' on 30th street. It was a joy to go to Mass at this parish, what with the daily stream of commuters from Penn Station and those attending reflecting the sheer diversity of the city (not to mention the Catholic Church itself).

And the church is beautiful, with the brilliant mosaic of Our Lady above us surrounded by Thomas and Clare and the saints and the beckoning statue of St. Francis.

And what struck me in particular? -- Where else can you find a parish where priests staff the confessional the ENTIRE DAY, and not just a measly 30 minutes on the weekend as with so many parishes nowadays? Seriously, complain all you want about the sermon, but that is truly impressive.


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