Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ratzinger on the Incarnation.

Being reasonable, one would have to say that God is far too great to enter into the littleness of man. God is far too great for one idea or a single book to comprehend his whole word; only in many experiences, even contradictory experiences, can he give us reflections of himself. On the other hand, the humility would turn to pride if we were to deny God the freedom and the power and the love to make himeself as small as that.

The Christian faith brings us exactly that consolation, that God is so great that he can become small. And that is actually for me the unexpected and previously inconceivable greatness of God, that he is able to bow down so low. That he himself really enters into a man, no longer merely disguises himself in him so that he can later put him aside and put on another garment, but that he becomes this man. It is just in this that we actually see the truly infinite nature of God, for this is more powerful, more inconceivable than anything else, and at the same time more saving.

Joseph Ratzinger [Pope Benedict XVI]
God and the World: A Conversation With Peter Seewald

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