Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charles Murray on Glenn Beck

  • The Unbearable Paradox of Glenn Beck (November 19, 2009)
    What Beck does is propaganda. Maybe propaganda has its place, but let’s not kid ourselves. Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann are brothers.
  • Is Glenn Beck Our Friend? (October 7, 2009):
    Our job is to engage in a debate on great issues and make converts to our point of view. The key word is converts—referring to people who didn’t start out agreeing with us. We shouldn’t be civil and reasonable just because we want to be nice guys. It is the only option we’ve got if we want to succeed instead of just posture. The Glenn Becks of the world posture, and make our work harder.
(Hat tip to Blackadder @ American Catholic. A trifle dated but when it comes to Beck I couldn't have said it better).

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