Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Bono on) the humor of John Paul II

Assayas: But you met the man himself. Was it a great experience? Bono:[W]e all knew why we were there. The Pontiff was about to make an important statement about the inhumanity and injustice of poor countries spending so much of their national income paying back old loans to rich countries. Serious business. He was fighting hard against his Parkinson’s. It was clearly an act of will for him to be there. I was oddly moved by his humility, and then by the incredible speech he made, even if it was in whispers. During the preamble, he seemed to be staring at me. I wondered. Was it the fact that I was wearing my blue fly-shades? So I took them off in case I was causing some offense. When I was introduced to him, he was still staring at them. He kept looking at them in my hand, so I offered them to him as a gift in return for the rosary he had just given me.

Assayas: Didn’t he put them on?

Bono: Not only did he put them on, he smiled the wickedest grin you could ever imagine. He was a comedian. His sense of humor was completely intact.

-- Excerpted from Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas

Don't get me wrong, I love our German Shepherd . . . but reading this just brought home how much I miss John Paul II as well. God bless him.

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