Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It was only seven blocks.

It was only seven blocks:
... The boy had begged and his parents had said yes, he could walk part of the way home from day camp by himself. Together they had memorized the route. They had practiced a dry run together.
But little Leiby Kletzky, 8, got lost. And Monday, his first taste of doing the grown-up thing, of walking alone through Borough Park, Brooklyn, turned out to be his last.

Today was a brutal day. It was earlier this week that the neighborhood banded together, combed the streets and subways, collectively put up a 100,000 reward,  prayers offered for safety and recovery -- and now:

Hopes dashed, and a life snuffed out, way to early.

A neighbor relayed the news just as my son left for school. A punch to the gut, it was all I could think about today. This kind of news hits you more, when you're a parent. No longer just headlines.

Pray for the soul of Leiby Kletzky -- and his parents, and their community.

The casket of Leiby Kletzky was carried into a synagogue.

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