Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"The Forgotten Pope"

Fr. Zuhlsdorf reminds us that June 28th was the anniversary of John Paul I's death (17 October 1912 - 28 September 1978):
Please say a prayer for Papa Luciani today.

33 days. Not the shortest reign as Bishop of Rome, but pretty short.

Lori Pieper directs us to her blog, On Pilgrimage:
He has been my personal spiritual mentor as well as my model as a writer, ever since his election. It’s a shame Catholics don’t know more about his life and writings.

Illustrissimi is a wonderful book, out of print, but available used. You can also learn a lot about JPI as Pope from his audiences and Angelus addresses at the Vatican web site (there are English translations for all but one). There is also the book I contributed to: The Smiling Pope: The Life and Teaching of John Paul I which has his writings as a bishop and cardinal. I’ve also written tons about him on my blog.

In the last few days I’ve started making progress on organizing a conference in New York next year to commemorate the centenary of his birth (October 17, 1912). If anyone is interested in furthering knowledge about Pope John Paul I, please pray for its success.

The process for his beatification is making progress. The diocesan process was completed in 2006 and they are now writing the Positio. Someday soon I hope we will be able to pray not just for but to him.

Andrea Tornielli ("Vatican Insider", La Stampa) describes "the humility of a pastor of the world ":

It passed like a murmur, just 33 days, as many as the years of Jesus’ life. He was forgotten by scholars, sages, and important ecclesiastical circles, nearly crushed between two great popes and two great pontificates - his predecessor Paul VI and his successor John Paul II. Yet Pope Albino Luciani, the humble mountain son of a socialist worker, remains in the heart of the simple folk. Many of the faithful are still moved and attracted by the grateful smile that John Paul I showed to the world during his briefest of reigns. ... [Read More]

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