Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Give Michael Liccione a hand!

Michael Liccione needs your help:
Here's the deal. I'm a former philosophy professor who, at age 60, works full-time as a state-certified driving instructor. For the past two years, I haven't managed to get any job paying more than $400 a week. Beyond my PhD, which I earned 27 years ago, I have two entry-level IT certifications (A+ and Network+). Three months ago, I passed the state auto-insurance adjuster's exam because I have a friend in the industry who can help me get a job therein if I have the license. But I have been unable to secure the license because I can't afford both the fees and the bond premium. After taxes and child support, my current job nets me less than $200 a week. That's why I live at a Catholic mission and don't have my own place. I have to do something.

One thing I've done is resume freelance writing (you can find earlier publications of mine with a Google search). I published a piece three weeks ago and have another coming out next week. But because I can't afford a decent place to live, it's very difficult to find a quiet place to write more than a few pieces a month on top of working full-time. That will not be enough. There are other alternatives, but none look particularly feasible at my age.

So I've set up this page in the hope that friends, some of whom have already expressed interest in helping, can do so. It won't take much. Thanks in advance for your help!

Michael (used to?) blog at Sacramentum Vitae, and I would credit him as one of my inspirations and models of quality Catholic blogging in general. Feel free to peruse the archives, and if you can afford it do lend him a hand.

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  1. Not only yours, he was also my favorite blogger, he still is. His post Angels (stoic apatheia and christian apatheia, I would say, has so many nuggest of wisdom, so well written, he has such a great gift for making credibility, making faith sound so human. Now I read him on Intellectual take out and he sounds like a journalist so intert and cold. That´s life! Definitely will keep him in my prayers.