Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Throw the Bums Out.

So Trump's wife, claiming she wrote her speech "with as little help as possible", fabricated portions of it from Michelle Obama's DNC Convention speech 8 years ago:

Of course it's a big deal at the present moment, but then how quickly we forget …

Obama's 2008 plagiarization of Deval Patrick's 2006 speech, without rightful attribution:

Addendum: DailyWire.com points out:

Obama later acknowledged it would have been better to provide attribution to Patrick in his speech when the Clinton campaign called him out on it in 2008, but deflected the blame onto her, saying: "I noticed Senator Clinton, on occasion, has used words of mine as well."

Patrick attempted to exonerate Obama by saying "he shared language from his campaign with Mr. Obama's speechwriters" in the previous summer, but ABC News pointed out at the time that Obama used the "Just Words" passage before the summer of 2007.

Biden's much-more-serious plagiarism scandal from the late 80's, for which he had to drop out of the race (I even remember that, being a little tike at the time):

And hell, we are in all likelihood about to elect, as "the lesser evil" (I use that term loosely), a candidate that has repeatedly demonstrated her capacity to fabricate, with a straight face, "recollections from memory" that bear little or no relation to reality whatsoever -- but for which the media, as well as her supporters, demonstrate a remarkable and to my mind, outstanding, capacity to forgive and forget:

And the potential "First Man"? -- well, one has only to resort to Google to plumb the depths of his falsehoods.

Meanwhile, Hillary's leading GOP contender demonstrates a no less tenuous relationship with the truth:

So by all means, let's get all up in arms about Melania Trump for the moment, but methinks if we're still getting hysterical about this 2-3 days from now, it's a case of overkill.

Face it. They're all quite capable of plagiarism -- and committing worse crimes against the truth, and we're all falling for it.

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