Thursday, November 27, 2003

Controversy & Rumor-Mongering over Fatima (i.e., so what else is new?)

Catholic Light posts about the "Fatima Interfaith Shrine Controversy" currently making its rounds through conspiracy-obsessed radtrad websites and mailing lists. Vatican rep. Michael Fitzgerald has already debunked the rumors. More importantly, they link to a page by Rick Salbato (who lives in Fatima), providing his own take on the affair. According to Salbato:
There would have been no over-reaction to the conference if not for two things: The Pius X Society picked the conference with flyers and the unfortunate invitation of the notorious interfaith theologian, Father Jacques Dupuis . . . . Although the Pius X Society was deigned a permit to build a church in Fatima, they obtained a permit to build a hotel under another name and then converted it into a chapel. Other than this there are no non-catholic organizations in Fatima. And yes, I consider the Pius X Society as non-catholic since they are not in communion with the Holy Father. Because of their connection to Father Gruner and their continuous attacks on the 1984 Consecration, their is great animosity between them and the Shrine."

The presence of Fr. Dupuis at a conference at Fatima would undoubtebly raise the suspicions of any orthodox Catholic (not just the traditionalists), given his recent investigation by the CDF. But of course the picketing by the SSPX and subsequent rumor-mongering of hysterical radtrads have irresponsibily fanned the flames of controversy. The Lidless Eye Inquisition has also addressed this matter.

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