Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I'm glad he was pleased! =)

Thanks to Gen Ex Revert for passing this along:
On Monday 13th October Dr. De Saventhem, Mr. Davies , and Mr. Siebenbürger were granted an audience by Cardinal Ratzinger during which His Eminence received their thanks for the consistent support he has given to those attached to the 1962 Missal, and to discuss a number of issues relating to the apostolate of the Federation. Following the private audience the Cardinal met a group of officers of the Federation, including Fra Fredrick Crichton Stuart, the Federation Vice- President, Mr. Leo Darroch the Federation Secretary, Mr. Fred Haehnel the Federation Treasurer, and Frau Monika Rheinschmitt. Christopher Haehnel, who had accompanied his father to Rome, dearly wished to meet Cardinal Ratzinger, to have his photograph taken with him, and to present him with a Tee-Shirt from the "Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club". Mr. Davies presented the Tee Shirt during the private audience, and it was accepted by the Cardinal with great good humour. "Very true," he remarked apropos the words : "Truth is not decided by a majority vote." Christopher Haehnel achieved his ambition, and was introduced to the Cardinal with whom he was photographed. Somehow or other this seemed to be a fitting conclusion to the highly successful 16th General Assembly of the International Una Voce Federation.

Una Voce International Meets in Rome 11-12 October 2003.

UPDATE: I note with some amusement that this incident has already provoked the ire of one radtrad commentator, who fulminates:

"This Modernist fox -- [Ratzinger] -- has outfoxed Una Voce, disguising himself as an "angel of light" so as to get these poor, bereft Una Vocans eating out of his hand! At best they are groveling sycophants to New Order gauleiters."

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