Saturday, July 10, 2004

WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Ratzinger "Cover Letter" @ Curt Jester ;-)

In the 6th of July CNS reported:
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington said July 6 that the leaked text of a recent memo he received from a top Vatican official, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, on Catholic politicians and abortion appeared to be "an incomplete and partial leak" not reflecting "the full message I received."

They also later reported:

The text of Cardinal Ratzinger's memorandum was published online July 3 by the Italian magazine L'Espresso, and a Vatican official said it was authentic. But it apparently was accompanied by a cover letter that has not been published.

Now, CKW co-editor Jeff Miller (aka. "The Curt Jester"), brings you Cardinal Ratzinger's cover letter, in a world internet exclusive.

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