Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Pontificator's Talking About Sex . . .

How's that for a title? -- Perhaps as an antidote to the recent movie about (and revival of secular interest in) Dr. Kinsey, Fr. Al Kimel, aka "The Pontificator", has devoted recent posts on Pontifications to the proper view of sexuality in Jewish and Christian traditions. Dave Armstrong (Cor ad cor loquitur) provides us with a roundup of the Pontificator's contributions.

I'm delighted to see a number of quotations by Orthodox Lubavitcher Rabbi Manis Friedman, author of Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore: Love, Marriage and the Art of Intimacy -- a book which Bob Dylan endorsed as a must-read "for everyone married or thinking of getting married."

A Christian equivalent to Rabbie Friedman's book would be Plea for Purity: Sex, God and Marriage by Johann Christoph Arnold of the Bruderhof Community. You can download a free copy here (.pdf format).

Of course, we couldn't possibly end a post on this topic without mentioning Christopher West's presentation of Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body."

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