Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catholics Against Rudy Giuliani

Catholics Against Rudy

. . . has officially launched. (The banner above and in the column being my own contribution to the cause).

Related News

  • No Wafer for Rudy: "Giuliani campaigns as a Catholic, but he's on the outs with God", by Wayne Barrett. Village Voice June 26th, 2007:
    The ex-mayor's newfound piety also includes a mantra about abortion that wasn't heard while he was in City Hall. "I hate abortion," he now says across America and, in a proposed 12-point plan, he declares that he's committed to decreasing the number of abortions. "I would encourage someone to not take that option," he says, though as a candidate for mayor he said he would pay for an abortion for his daughter. Today, he says it would be "OK to repeal" Roe v. Wade, though he hosted celebrations of its anniversary three times at City Hall. His wholesale reversal on Medicaid funding, late-term abortions, and parental consent are all part of a repackaging designed to soften not just his New York public record, but also the inconvenient details of his personal life.

    Married three times, Giuliani simply isn't the Catholic candidate he claims to be. . . .

  • And already a storm of controversy -- Andrew Sullivan and Vox Nova's Morning's Minion found something to criticize right off the bat. Michael Denton's got the goods at Catholics Against Rudy finds its first critic For the Greater Glory July 10th, 2007.

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